Reefton's Quartzopolis Mountain Bike Challenge

The course

What to expect

  • The course is a rewarding epic back-country ride, in stunning beach forest, on an old mining road 60% and pack track 40% approximately 40km total.
  • The track surface is a mix of smooth forest floor and sections of tricky rock surface.
  • The general gradient is never extreme.
  • Some riders may need to “carry” in one or two short sections.
  • There is the occasional stream crossing.
  • You need a good level of fitness, prepared for technical riding, be comfortable in the back country and carry a good biking kit (especially spare tubes).
  • The course will be signposted in addition tomarshallsat various points.


  • Start at Reefton Domain Camp (corner Bridge Street and The Strand adjacent to the skate park).
  • All riders start in a mass rolling start with a lead vehicle that will travel through the township of Reefton on SH7 turning left at Sinnamon Street (still on SH7) and head South West to Soldiers Road just outside Reefton.
  • The riders continue up Soldiers Road where the lead vehicle will give way to the riders and the race will begin officially.
  • Soldiers Road continues to where the formed historic Big River Road starts.
  • The Reefton-Big River road and 4WD track (29km) takes you to Big River hut where there will be a check-point.
  • From here the course changes to the historic Big River-Waiuta track, a pack track of approximately 10km.
  • Where the pack track leaves the forest follow the road out then turn left onto Pro Road and go downhill to the Waiuta township, then turn left again at the Information shelter, follow the arrows around to the finish line at the Waiuta lodge.


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