Inangahua River

This river has a major State Highway running alongside the river for most of its navigable length, with access points at many places. Depending on what difficulty you can manage, the river, after rain, offers a spectrum of trips from Grade 2 to 5.   Basically the further up you get in - the harder the trip.  You can scout quite a bit from the road.   

Grade 2 – put in at the Inangahua Swingbridge Reserve on the right about 8 km from Reefton, and paddle down to Reefton.

kayak-inangahua-river Grade 2 rapids

Grade 3 – put in 10 km above the Swingbridge and paddle down to the Swingbridge.

Grade 3+ – put in 14.3km above the Swingbridge

Grade 4 – put in a Tobin's Bridge 18.3 km

Grade 5+ – put 21 km above the Swingbridge, and carry a chainsaw.

Hazards – trees fall in the river and wash down.  In some places these trees are a mandatory portage.

Flow – the river is best during or after rain. A good river to use when others have to much water.

Upper Grey River

The Upper Grey is accessed via Palmers Road.  The turn off is on a big hairpin bend near Springs Junction.  The best put in is directly into the Blue Grey River at the bridge.  This gives you a sweet scenic run of Grade 2 with some rapids Grade 3.  Exit at the creek prior to the locked gate at this rapid in the photo below.

kayak-upper-grey Grade 2 with some grade 3's

Grey River - Gentle Annie Gorge

This is a wilderness Grade 3 to 3+ run, with a variety of relatively technical rapids, and two stunning scenic gorges.   Put in at the end of Snowy River Road, and get out just downstream of the Clarke confluence on river left off Waipuna Road.

kayak-gentle-annie Grade 3 to 3+

Maruia River - Gorge

Grade1, 2 and some 3s. A long day trip through wild untracked forest. Better with moderate flow. Put in off Creighton’s Road and get out just downstream of the Shenandoah River.

kayak-maruiariver Grade1, 2 and some 3

Buller River - Lyell Creek Run

This is a good high volume Grade 3 - 4 run with big wave trains and some big holes.

plchld 150 Grade 3 to 4

Waitahu River

The river has 4WD access and is a Grade 2 run during higher flows.

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