About Reefton

Reefton, the Coast's only inland town is nestled in the Inangahua River valley between the rugged and spectacular Victoria and Paparoa ranges.

Reefton is centrally located at a hub of state highway access into the Coast, north from Murchison, Nelson and Blenheim and east from Christchurch. It offers easy access further north up the West Coast to Westport and Karamea, and south to Greymouth and South Westland.

Reefton Today

Reefton is part of the Buller District and has a vibrant community of approximately 1100 people. It is a place steeped in history and full of heritage where the legacy of our gold mining past is part of the future. Many of the original and valued heritage buildings still service the area 130 years on, including a number of shops on Reefton's main street, Broadway. The town's heritage walk takes you past many of these buildings including the Reefton School of Mines, Reefton Courthouse and Oddfellows Hall.


The summers in the Reefton and surrounding Inangahua area are hot and dry with frosty winters. Rainfall is a moderate 2200 mm per annum - it's the champagne for the rain forest.
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Education Facilities

Reefton has two schools providing education for our youth, and the Reefton Playcentre providing early childhood learning.


Today mining remains important to the area, coal and gold are both strong with several coal mines in the area and tthe company Oceana Gold Ltd reopened the former Globe Progress mine in 2006 using open cast methods for gold extraction.
Dairy farming with its expanding herd size is another substantial industry. Although the timber industry had slowed down a new beech mill opened in 2009.
The service industries, retail, health and education, make valuable contributions also.
The visitor industry is growing with 70,000 people now coming into the Reefton Visitor Centre alone annually.

Visitor Services

There is a wide range of services in the town to meet the needs of visitors. Reefton can accommodate over 300 people in accommodation options to suit all budgets - motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, backpackers and a motor camp.

The friendly staff in the town's impressive visitor centre can provide free assistance, help, and advice on planning your stay in Reefton or planning your future travel. An attraction in it's own right, the Reefton Visitor Centre contains innovative high quality natural, historical and recreation displays along with a range of souvenir and craft products for purchase.

Recreation & Sport

There are many recreational and sporting amenities within the town itself that include a wonderful 12 hole golf course in a country setting, a heated indoor swimming pool open usually 9 months of the year and a world class roller park built by the community. There are a variety of sport and recreation clubs in the town. See the Commnuity page for more information.

Victoria Conservation Park

Reefton is surrounded by Victoria Conservation Park, New Zealand's largest of 180,000 ha, named after the granitic Victoria Ranges that run almost its entire length. The park was established for its magnificent and diverse beech forests and the many remnant 19th and 20th century historic gold and coal mining sites. The North Westland Wildlife Corridor, a continuous set of reserves and other conservation land that allows wildlife to move from the coast to the Southern Alps is a distinctive feature.

The Park offers a broad range of activities from walking to back country tramping, world class fishing, hunting, mountain biking, 4WDing, or just take in the beech forest with it's abudant birdlife.

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