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A rich and well preserved history, rugged and spectacular scenery, a variety of outdoor adventures, and that world renowned West Coast hospitality; there’s something for everyone to see and do in Reefton.

Reefton Township grew rapidly from around 1870 in response to the earlier discovery of gold rich quartz veins in the area. The gold mining rush bought pioneers, entrepreneurs and prosperity to the area, sparking a boom in innovation and technology; a highlight of this innovation saw the town become the first in the Southern Hemisphere to have a municipal electricity system including street lighting.

Through the years the pursuit of gold has caused ebbs and flows in the bustle of the town, but to this day that pioneering mining character can be seen in the many well preserved and still used historic buildings that line “Broadway”, Reefton’s main street and in the museums, relics and remnants readily accessible to the public. Alongside the mining history, Reefton boasts a storied rail history with the worlds only Single ‘R’ Class Fairlie Locomotive in its original form, located in the heart of the town a real highlight.

Alongside the many historic and heritage attractions of the town is a beautiful and wild natural environment ready to explore. The wild West Coast Rivers are perfect for rafting tours to suit all abilities, the immense and diverse native beech forests of the Victoria Conservation Park are full of walking and tramping routes to suit all levels of fitness and experience ; and the scenic forest areas surrounding the town are the perfect setting for the many mountain biking tracks. Come have a go at one of our easier tracks or for the pro’s the Kirwan’s mountain bike track is rated by many as the most enjoyable hardcore rides in the country.

At the end of the day or for those just looking to relax, just soak up the native scenery and enjoy the diverse range of dining and accommodation options where the classic West Coast country hospitality comes to the fore.




Rugged native scenery, a rich and well preserved heritage, a tourism hub and a natural adventure playground at its doorstep. Reefton is a place for everyone to enjoy - be it for a day, over night, a week or a place to call home. What to see and do...

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